Marquee Transport

San Diego’s friendliest non-emergency medical transportation service!

Marquee Transport is a local non-emergency medical transportation service providing traditional, wheelchair, and gurney transportation. We focus on providing our passengers with safe, comfortable, and efficient transportation.

Appointments or procedures can be stressful for patients and family members alike! Our main goal is to provide the most reliable, comfortable, safe and timely medical transportation in San Diego. Marquee Transport offers consistency for our passengers, with consistency comes stability, and stability brings our passengers the comfort they need to heal faster.

Why Choose Marquee?

We possess CPR/First Aid, Defensive Driving, and Passenger Service and Safety certifications

Unlike taxi services, we provide full-service medical transportation to customers who require more attention than your standard curb-to-curb taxi service.

Marquee offers it’s passengers door-to-door service, and can assist customers from their residence to our vehicle, and escort them to a care attendant at their destination. We provide safety and comfort within all our vehicles, and will not leave the customer’s side without the approval of the customer or a care-attendant at the destination.

Our vehicles are 100% smoke-free.

Unlike ambulances, Marquee Transport operates on a non-emergency basis, meaning because we don’t have to keep EMT’s or paramedics on staff, we can operate at a fraction of the cost. Our vehicles comply to American Disabilities Act standards, ensuring our passengers are transported safely and with the utmost care and comfort.

Unlike public transportation, Marquee Medical Transport provides individualized service for every customer. Our passengers are not required to adhere to scheduled pick-up and drop-off times that could leave them waiting unattended for up to hours for return service, nor will they be required to share rides with other customers that leave them away from the comfort of their own home for more time than is required to make their own unique trip. Marquee offers customized individual trips for each scheduled customer and gives them the individualized care and attention they deserve.

We care about the environment.  Our sedans are hybrid vehicles.  We care about cutting down on harmful environmental emissions.

  • Calling (858) 412-0399

Our reservation system makes it easy for our passengers to obtain a quote and schedule their rides, we’re always in contact with our passengers and their medical facilities to alleviate waiting time. Confirm your reservation, then relax and let us worry about the rest.

We accept cash, personal checks and all major credit cards.

Where we Go:

We provide medical transportation to all of San Diego County. We are familiar with many medical facilities, including but not limited to:

  • Veteran’s Administration
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Eye Institutes
  • Cancer Centers
  • Scripps Hospital
  • XIMed
  • Grossmont Hospital
  • Sharp
  • Kaiser
  • Rady Children’s Hospital
  • Hospitals
  • Senior Care Facilities/ Nursing Homes
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Dental Offices
  • Hearing Exams
  • Doctor Appointments
  • Physical Therapy
  • Worker’s Compensation check-ups


Continuity in Care

With our TCP license, we are able to also transport our passengers to destinations beyond their medical appointments! This is an added benefit for regular medical transportation customers who prefer to have continuity in their transportation provider.

Schedule your next trip to the grocery store, shopping center, hair salon, horse races, casino or birthday party with us.  We’d be happy to accommodate your requested trip.

Why Choose Marquee Medical Transport?

Our transportation services are client need based.  Need assistance getting from your home to our vehicle?  No problem. Have a walker or wheelchair? This is not an issue for us.  Let us know your specific needs and we will work to accommodate them!

  • Unlike Taxi companies, Marquee Medical Transport San Diego delivers more care & attention:
    • Physically able to assist any patient with disabilities
    • Ongoing passenger sensitivity training
    • Professional door-to-door service
    • 100% smoke-free interiors
  • Unlike Ambulances, Marquee Medical Transport San Diego operates at a fraction of the cost:
    • Lower vehicle and company insurance rates due to Non-Emergency operation
      • Pass savings directly to clients: lower rates than competition!
  • Unlike Public Transportation, Marquee Medical Transport San Diego delivers personalized medical transportation:
    • Choose your own pickup time frames
      • No excess waiting before or after appointments
    • Choose your specific pickup and drop-off locations
      • We come to you!
    • Ride alone or bring up to 3 additional passengers
      • No forced ride-sharing with other clients
  • Unlike LYFT and Uber, Marquee Medical Transport San Diego provides consistency:
    • We have a continuous dispatch number to alleviate passenger wait times and to address any issue immediately.
    • We get to know our passengers and their specific needs which makes it easier to provide them stability and comfort.
    • We schedule your ride in advance to eliminate the stress of having to schedule a ride at the last minute.
    • Our drivers are readily familiar with most medical facilities in San Diego which improves efficiency.

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