Core values our drivers navigate by

Compassion for our passengers

This standard of care is our primary focus when we hire drivers. We seek to hire people who are compassionate, respectful, and kind to our senior and special needs customers.

Safety is a priority

Not only must our drivers have compassion, but they must be safe people in general. Our drivers must pass CPR/First Aid programs, background tests, and are all required to be drug-free.

Hand selected by the owner

We screen and hand-select all drivers to ensure our core values are lived out as they transport our customers. We want our passengers to feel as relaxed as possible when they are with us.

Efficiency is our favorite thing

All of our drivers use GPS to keep them on track and aware of any spontaneous traffic hazards that might crop up during the trip. Our drivers and dispatch team continuously talk to ensure that downtime is minimized.

Continuity matters

Have you been with us before? Do you like a particular driver? We do our best to provide you with your desired driver based on availability. Your comfort is our priority — we aren’t delivering packages, we’re driving people.